Thursday, April 5, 2007

What Came Before a T-rex?

Is there a higher power that does not wish to see me go back to school? I have attempted to sign up for two of my nine prereqs (prerequs? prereks? ah ha! prerex!) FIVE TIMES and they will not allow me to enroll in algebra and anatomy. Two failures stemmed from the registrar failing to enter all of my personal information into the computer. It turns out she did not approve of my birthday. You know what anonymous moron? I don't approve of it either and I'm not going around messing up people's plans. Two attempts were thwarted by system failures, please try again later (Make me!). This last one said I need other prerex to get into these prerex. WTF? I do not have time for these shenanigans! I have a future to gamble on! I have to take classes that may or may not raise my GPA, then apply to a competitive program that may reject my sorry white ass, so I can take a stab at being careerly satisfied! Maybe I will just stab you, prerex foiler!

Today was sort of easy, I only had a bunch of paperwork that doesn't count toward my billing quota, I talked one of my favorite patients (she has schizo-affective disorder, mild mental retardation, 7 ex-husbands, and used to be an exotic dancer. She is also one of the happiest people I know.) out of buying a bunny, took an elderly patient shopping and she told me about her sex dream last night, and Brain Damaged Lady was manic and delusional and hugged me. I can escape the clutches of Elvis (thanks for the organizer again, F-bomb, it is a great personal space defender) but BDL manages to plant one on my cheek.

I had all kinds of fun articulating bird bones the other night, I was in some sort of ass-kicking spatial skills zone that helped me put together half a wing with no diagrams. The bones just sort of snapped together. I have a new respect for paleontologists, I figure their job is akin to assembling puzzle pieces from several boxes mixed together, with some missing, no border pieces (maybe a skull is like a border piece. At least it lets you know when to stop adding bones in one direction), and no picture to look at. I wonder if anyone has turned that into a drinking game.

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