Saturday, April 28, 2007

I Pity the Fool!

Last night I called MacGyver, who is currently working on an out of town project. Sometimes I feel sorry for him for having to be the husband.

Me: Hey, MacGyver, I have a problem.
MG: What's up?
Me: I got some pants from a coworker today. I can put them on easily, but I can't tell if I look good in them.
MG: So?
Me: How are pants supposed to look? If they fit do they automatically look OK, or what? I don't know if I can go out in public in these.
MG: Do you realize what you are asking me?
Me: [Looooong pause] I'm asking you if these pants make me look fat.
MG: While I'm 220 miles away.
Me: And can't see me. You knew I was merciless when you married me. Can you just pretend I look OK?


velocibadgergirl said...


Unfortunately, no...fitting does not guarantee looking good.

rabidmonkey said...

on the other hand, not fitting is a pretty good sign it's not going to be a good look. i just wish someone would tell a lot of chicks i see in public that.

Evilducky77 said...


Your blog looks very pretty, BTW!