Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Now What?

Sometimes I look at my blog and think, "What's the fucking point?"

Friday, July 17, 2009


  • On July first the university of my choice updated its application materials and I've spent this month getting my Physical-Therapy-School-Take-Me! shit together. In February I had the brilliant insight that I'd be running around like a decapitated chicken about now, so I ordered most of my school transcripts then. My biggest obstacle is writing an essay that doesn't blow. So far I'm failing with that.

  • At work I'm getting trained to proctor employment test. Though we don't give as many as of those as the academic tests, they're more profitable and the consequences of fucking up are much more dire. I've been there long enough that I'm getting more chummy with my coworkers, which is nice. Even my supervisor talks to me more. One of the best parts of my job is having a closet filled with neatly organized office supplies. It's like candy, but without the tooth decay.

  • My kitten is so cute she makes me want to implode with squee. And she is SO SOFT, and her tail is so luxurious she'd fit in with Mac's cats. She's constantly terrorizing Gonk and Domino but they're finally learning to deal with it.

  • I've harvested oregano, rosemary, strawberries, sugar snap peas, snow peas, sweet corn, enough basil for a batch of pesto, and cherry tomatoes. We have five zillion green tomatoes and several peppers we could pick now, or let ripen further. The pumpkins are close to done and the biggest watermelon is the size of a ping pong ball. I've already started a list of what I want to add to next years garden.

  • As I type Mikey and some buddies are ripping out the walls of our kitchen. In a few days they should be rewired, insulated, and drywalled, plus two windows will be replaced and one window will be added. Then: redoing one more wall, fixing the subfloor, replacing the door, laying vinyl flooring, painting, building cabinets and an island, plumbing a dishwasher, and the other two thousand things that have to be done.

  • My brother is not doing well. I am rather distressed. The tumors are causing nerve failure. He's constantly in pain and won't go to the doctor. He won't get more chemo until the pain subsides, which won't happen unless he gets a new pain control regimen. Which the doctor has to prescribe. That would be the doctor that he isn't seeing. A few of us have suggested hospice, but he says he's not ready. He's talked to the priest about buying a burial plot. Buddha hit the nail on the head when he said life is pain.

  • I've been making to-do lists for my BFF's baby shower. I have umpteen cousins and have been to multiple dozens of baby showers over the years. So, I don't know babies but I know showers. I'm aiming to make baby shower history with the awesomeness I'll wreak, but really I'd settle for some people showing up.