Wednesday, September 2, 2009


MacGyver and I leave for Maine in less than two weeks, which means we have a lot of preparation that I'll probably put off until the night before. Fortunately for me MacGyver is the responsible one and I profit from his labor. We've decided to drive my '96 Buick Roadmaster to Acadia NP, so the other night he bought and attached a bike rack to the roof of the car. This completely changes the vibe of my ride.

BEFORE: "Hello, I'm a Buick Mom-mobile. I can safely seat up to nine passengers, perfect for taking your large brood of home-schooled children on educational day trips. I offer spacious cargo room for groceries and boxes of off-brand high-waisted jeans. Praise Jesus!"

NOW: "They don't call me the Roadmaster for nothing. Check out this sweet bike rack, baby. My driver is obviously an extreme athlete and all-around awesome person of great kick-assness. Usually the far back is used to stow outdoor adventuring gear, but you can imagine a carpeted space like this also allows my loose-moralled driver to indulge in other satisfying activities. It's all good."