Monday, February 23, 2009

Our House

Last week, a housewarming card and free address labels from a charity I never donate to arrived in the mail. Then, MacGyver and I bought a washer and dryer.

Our house is now a home.

The washer is a high efficiency front-loader, and the first load of laundry was quite exciting. In fact, it garnered an audience.

That's MacGyver on the right, sitting in a full laundry basket. Gonk is on the left in the empty one, trying to be just like his daddy. Domino inspected it from the top down and stopped giving a shit. As usual.

One room in our house has four windows and a southern exposure. Someday it will be the library, but for now it houses the fish, the coat tree (literally), an extra couch, and our new starship. MacGyver duct taped (actually, it's "semi-reflective cosmic protective strips") the appliance boxes together, cut hatches and port holes and a cat door, and I designed the control systems. So I got to curl up in a poorly-ventilated enclosed space with a Sharpie for my part*. Wheee! Right now it's a starship, but you can also set it to dirigible, time machine, or submarine. It's powered by dilithium crystals, has a navigational touch pad, and has an army of ninjas, space monkeys, and velociraptors in holding cells. The velociraptor holding cell is reinforced by TWO layers of duct tape, just in case.

*I pimped my box! tee hee!


rockygrace said...

A washer and dryer! I'm jealous ...

velocibadgergirl said...

Yeah, but does it have a flux capacitor?

Danger said...

YES. And it has a hyperdrive motivator!