Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Weird is the New Normal

Reality has been a little askew this lately. For example, Domino has been an cuddle glutton and Gonk has been aloof. She's been all "MOMMY!" and he's been all "I love this chair more than I ever loved you!"

Also? I have been craving healthful food, like vegetables and milk and shit like that. A gallon usually lasts us four to five days. It took me a day to drink almost half of it all by myself. I looked forward to starting off my lunch with steamed vegetables. WTF?

MacGyver and I have gone out of our way to spend time with Amethyst, Custard, and Pie. Not so unusual for him, but for me it ain't natural. It's like a pig walking on its hind legs.

Yesterday I actually said the words "The government made me really happy." We overpaid on our quarterly taxes last year, and we just got a check for it.

I had a pretty good workout this morning, and I was rinsing my face in the locker room when two little old ladies walked up to me.
Granny: "What have you been doing?! You're all red in the face*!"
Nanny Ogg, cackling suggestively: "She had a good weekend, that's what she's been doing!"

* You think? We're at a GYM.


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is it odd that i find old ladies talking dirty heartwarming?