Thursday, March 13, 2008

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Joss Whedon,

I love you more every day. If I could try on someone's mind for a day, it would so be yours. Mostly to see episodes of Firefly that were never filmed and editions of Fray that were never written. Partly to find out what I have to look forward to.

Rock On,

Dear Mitch Daniels,

I hate you with the intensity of a thousand supernovas. What kind of ass-whore appoints a timber industry lobbyist as State Forester? Thanks for setting up the political dominoes to increase the logging of state forests by 500%! You must be some kind of Hoosier antichrist, because you couldn't stop at privatizing our welfare system.

Go Fuck Yourself,

Dear RaJ,



Dear Doppelganger,

You look like me, but way more buff and about 15 pounds lighter. I've always wanted to know how I'd look if I worked out like it was my job, but I imagined I would see it in the mirror, not on some familiar stranger. I have a great view of you when I'm on the StairMaster and you're at the cable cross, and I have to know: what's with the hat? Seriously, who wears a hat when they lift weights? If I lose weight and people start getting us confused, you're going to be an embarrassment. Have pity.

What The Hell,

Dear Everybody,

This is Gonk. He is awesome. Behold!


bibliophile81 said...

I love you, Danger!

Home Theater said...
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*izil* said...

Nice blog, congratulations

J-Dog said...

Keenan did that last night

rabidmonkey said...

as adorable as gonk is, i think keenan at it might be more entertaining since i can't imagine that was a good fit for so much cat. i gotta try opening both ends just to see if anyone crawls inside.

Danger said...

Gonk says, "Thanks for commenting just to call me fat and uncute."