Thursday, January 18, 2007

Nieces and Nephews

My sister has amazingly adorable kids. They are all under 6 and they (surprise!) each have their own unique personality. Well, the one month old, I'm not so sure. She pretty much flails around and occasionally smacks herself in the face. Number three child was really, really ugly when he was a baby. I was all like, "Sell this baby to the side show and cut your losses!" There was no empty space between his eyebrows and his scalp, it was all dark,freakish hair. His nose was too big for him and he cried all the time until he was diagnosed with GERD and got medication to help him shut up. He is now two years old and is way cuter than his siblings ever were. I'm gonna label him "The Attractive One" and give his siblings M&Ms for being runners-up. I can't wait to see what this does to their psyches.

Anyway, they are a constant reminder to take my birth control pills. They are loud, illogical, secrete...stuff, and no matter how hard I try I never feel like I can protect them from the really heinous evil. I don't care if they trip, or break their toys, or they don't like dinner, or get teased, they can deal.

But what about child molesters and anti-Islamists (is that a word? Is that the right word for Muslim hater?) and George W. Bush?

And what if they don't know how much I love them? Somebody give some Klonopin, damnit.

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