Saturday, March 17, 2007

Intermission from the Suck

A few of you 5 readers know that I had an appointment with the director of physical therapy at the local college. I decided a while back that bitching about my job is not acceptable unless I am taking action to improve it. By improve I mean leave and never go back. I was up oh so late Wednesday night because I NEEDED to wear a certain shirt to the meeting and it had to be washed. I looked forward to having a fresh happy shirt to give me confidence while trying to talk like a smart person with Ms. Director. Thursday morning: no shirt. Anywhere. Most of my clothes had been taken out of the dryer and put in various places. I had no breakfast due to the extensive searching for my shirt. Later at work I had to pick up Devil's Colon Lady in a company car (fuck using my car, she makes the elevator reek all day after standing in it for 45 seconds. Seriously.) except the keys were missing. One of the techs saved the day by chauffering us in a 15 passenger van after a 20 minute search for the keys.

At noon good things started happening. I had lunch with Charmer, my little sister-in-law, and had a great time. I was not late to my appointment despite parking issues. I carried my portfolio in a Historical Preservation Society tote, turns out Ms. Director has a passion for historical preservation. We talked for an hour solid. She told me my GPA was excellent (I had assumed a 3.56 was merely OK), she liked my range of experiences and professions, and she even told me she saw qualities in me that are necessary for a physical therapist to be good at her job. Stating I was elated would be as much of an understatement as saying Ted Haggard and Mark Foley are hypocrites.

I need 9 prerequisite classes and a few other things to apply in the Fall of '08, so it was not all good news. I have to enroll for classes and figure out if I am going to continue case managing so I can have insurance, or work a low level PT job for the experience and contacts. In 5 years, I could be MacGyver's sugar mama. Kick ass.

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