Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Like They Do on the Discovery Channel

A little while ago I mentioned seeing tortoise intercourse at the zoo. Here's my proof. I wish I could have gotten sound.

The very next day, I was in Indianapolis with some family and we enjoyed a jaunt through the woods. We came upon a retention pond, and discovered two snapping turtles expressing their love in a physical manner. This reptile dude was not so proficient though, he kept mounting the wrong end. Poor reptile lady, that must have been so awkward for her.

On April 15, 2003, MacGyver and I went on a night hike with Anami and Joe around Ogle Lake in Brown County State Park. MacGyver and I had been dating for three years, we hadn't been having a good day, and the hike was a last ditch effort at not having a crappy anniversary. The moon was nearly full and the weather was perfect. When we got to the trail, there were thousands of frogs in and around the lake making whoopee. I remember I had to plan my steps so I wouldn't squish frogs, and more than once we had an amphibian collide with our ankles while jumping across the trail. We had planned to travel a couple of connecting trails for a nice four mile hike, but we were going so slowly we could only manage to take the much shorter trail along the banks of Ogle Lake. MacGyver stopped to poke a lone female, and she wrapped herself around his finger and wouldn't release him. Apparently she secreted something on him because his finger was numb for the next hour or so. We also discovered a few frog balls - one female with up to seven males clinging to her and each other. The sight was simply amazing, I had never seen so many frogs at once, and they were so focused. Usually when I see one it jumps out of sight the first chance it gets, but these dudes paid no attention to us whatsoever. Around this time of year I always wish we lived there again, just to try to relive that night.

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