Monday, December 8, 2008

I Get Around

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I would love to visit the lower 48 by the time I'm 30. It's possible, though not likely. Six years ago I had visited very few of the western states, and then a couple of major road trips later I had a big chunk of the US filled in. Two more big road trips (that I'm too broke to do) could get me through New England and the rest of the West. Mississippi and South Carolina will probably be done separately. The big problem with that is: why would I ever want to go to Mississippi? Arkansas and Alabama are my least favorite states, so why would Mississippi be any different? During my entire drive through Arkansas I had a look of abject horror on my face. I decided the state would have a better reputation if they diverged the highway away from the white trash. The image of 50 broken washing machines in front of a rotting trailer home is burned into my memory. I do think it's a little odd that I have never been to Pennsylvania. I mean, it's right on the other side of Ohio, a neighboring state. I'm not trying to ignore you, Pennsylvania, you're just so unassuming and the glitz and excitement of other states (like Nebraska!) draw me in the opposite direction. Maybe if you weren't so, well, Amish I'd notice you.

Gas is almost cheap right now, I should just pick a state and aim for it*. Oh look, there's a state park in northern Mississippi that's less than 6.5 hours from my house. It even sells ice! How convenient! I'm changing my mind about the South already!

*This won't actually be happening, due to finals. Sigh.


velocibadgergirl said...

When I went through Mississippi, I found it rather pretty. The vegetation was rather nice!

I drove through Pennsylvania on the way to MAINE, which is AWESOME. :D The Carnegie Museum in Pittsburgh is pretty rad, too, and their dinosaur exhibit should be open by now :D

Joe Blaylock said...

Our friend Kris lives in Pittsburgh; he'd probably put you up for a night and point out good stuff to see.