Monday, April 14, 2008


I spent part of my weekend in Bloomington with Joe and Anami, avoiding Little 500 by hiking and reading graphic novels for an unhealthy length of time. The rest of the weekend was spent in the fetal position under the covers, vomiting intermittently. I knew I had been studying too much when I tried to devise a non-gross test for determining if I had yakked pure antacids, or if they had reacted with the HCl yet. I couldn't think of anything, but these people seem geeky enough to. Check out the blue trilobite!

During our graphic novel glut, I read Cairo, by G. Willow Wilson. It is one of the best graphic novels I have ever read, and well worth finding for yourself.


velocibadgergirl said...

Three of the geology majors I went to school with got tattoos. One got a trilobite (not that big, though), one got a brachiopod, and one got the Chinese symbol for Earth. I was jealous...oh, so jealous!

Joe Blaylock said...

Wow, I'm sorry we made you sick. :( I hope you're feeling better now?