Saturday, February 10, 2007

Not the Fuzz!

I got to talk to a cop! This was no random meeting, oh no, he called Gestapo and asked for me specifically. My first reaction was "What has Crazy Baby-killing Lady done now?" but surprisingly, it was not about her. Brain Damaged Lady has been increasingly paranoid and delusional over the past couple of months due to stress. She called 911 to report her guardian and case manager (me) have been abusing her mentally and verbally and shooting her with our eyes PLUS someone has been breaking into her house and stealing her toiletries and food PLUS some other illogical ramblings. The officer inquired if Lady was delusional. I said "Yes," but what I really meant to say was "What tipped you off? Maybe the part where I'm shooting her with my eyes?" I had her guardian deal with the police, confidentiality prevented me from discussing my patient. The guardian filled me in later, Lady continued to call 911 after the cop interviewed her and she was very whacked out. After work I turned off my pager and cell phone so there is no way Gestapo can contact me over the weekend if Lady keeps crying wolf.

I saw "Pan's Labyrinth" Thursday night. It was scary and fantastical and good, I watched half of it with my hands over my face and peeking between my fingers. I have been fortunate to see a string of good movies in the last few weeks and this was one of the best. I cannot review it well enough to do it justice.

Monday I attended my second naturalist class, it covered soil and geology. I brought a pretty pink rock home with me. It is 1.2 billion years old. Check it.

Mac's Query: If purgatory is a beige cubicle, what is Hell?

My Definition: Waiting for the doctor to tell you if your mother has cancer or not.

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