Thursday, September 25, 2008

Stranger in a Strange Land

I'm doing better.

Last night Velocibadgergirl and I were accosted at the mall* by two young lads selling cosmetics from a kiosk. They were dressed all in black and did their best to sound Italian or something. We don't wear make-up, so we politely kept walking. The amazing part is when I didn't yell "Can't you see I'm OK with being unpretty? What about my face makes you think I'd be at all interested in buying overpriced crap from two metrosexual posers with fake accents?!?"

See? I'm improving my social skills!



Rockycat said...

Oh my God I haaaatte those kiosk people.

rabidmonkey said...

i think it's always been lotion that they've been pushing when i see them, but that description rings some bells.