Sunday, August 12, 2007

We Now Return to the Program Currently in Progress

My last post was written during the Final Project weekend of Hell, I had a powerpoint presentation worth 20% of my grade on the line, and I had to turn it in by Sunday night. I started it Friday night. In the end I had 28 slides of chronic myelogenous leukemia information, which was 28 more slides than I had ever wanted to do in my whole life. Finals week sucked majorly, though the results were heartening. I barely slept or ate, if I wasn't studying I was doing algebra homework, and MacGyver was out of town. I took part of Tuesday off to study, and part of Wednesday as well. I thought I was so smart, taking 2 hours off work to review med term and take my test on-line around 6 or 7pm. It was a two hour test, so I figured I'd still have time to study algebra that night. However, while walking to my car at 3:15pm, I had that slowly dawning sense of dread normally reserved for Red Shirts and black people in horror movies. All of my homework and tests for med term had been due by 5pm every Wednesday, my brain reminded me, and I realized that the final was probably no different. I suppressed the urge to vomit and rushed to my computer as fast as legally possible (in the way that No Cop, No Stop is legal), and began my test at 3:50pm. I finished at roughly 4:58pm. The test was worth 200 points, but luckily there was extra credit, and I earned the somewhat respectable grade of 107%. That's right, med term gave me Hell for 8 weeks, but in the end I made it my bitch. My last algebra class consisted of turning in 3 assignments, 2 hours of new material, and 2 hours to take the final. I wish I could see my grade, but I think I got 100%. Now I am 7 credits closer to applying for graduate school with a 4.0. Next semester I hope to take chemistry, and I don't think I'll have that 4.0 anymore. I have until December to savor it.

Since school let out I have been trying to catch up with everything that school kept me from doing, like sleeping. I contacted a couple places about volunteering in their physical therpay department, but no one has returned my calls. I read the last Harry Potter book, and it left me craving a book focused on Severus Snape. I always liked him before, but now he is one of my two favorites, the other being Hermione. I just finished Dead Until Dark, which was good mind candy, and I have Alanna, A Good Forest for Dying, and about 7 other books in the queue. I spent a weekend in Brown County and I enjoyed every minute of it. I have actually gotten to see some friends and attend 4 parties. About half a dozen of my co-workers have quit, making cubicleville insanely depressing, it's so empty and quiet these days. I still need to sign up for a class in Fall, plan a wedding shower, buy a maid of honor dress, and have as much fun as humanly possible. I'm rusty at posting, and this is the best you're going to get for a while. So there.

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Joe Blaylock said...

Rusty you may be, but we'll take what we can get. Nice to hear from you.