Tuesday, July 10, 2007

No Content, Just Lists

Six days ago MacGyver switched us to a different mobile phone service provider. Part of the deal was that we both got new phones. I miss my old phone. I knew I would. My new one came with a camera, and I couldn't fathom what I would use it for. Apparently, I use it for everything. Since I like listing random things, and I have nothing to post about save my medical terminology grade and my math teacher's latest weirdo tangents, I thought I would share. So far I have taken pictures of my eye, a stuffed bear at the museum, darkness, fireworks, my cat, my cat's girlfriend, the ceiling fan (on negative mode), my uncle and aunt eating Mexican food, sunset, sunset (on negative), powerlines, my brother using his goatee for our baby niece's hat, my sister's in-laws, her children not smiling, my nephew with his pet rock, this awesome dude, and my husband's abdominal muscles. People keep asking me if I can download my pix onto my computer, and I have no idea. It's not like I took the time to read the user's guide. I have to save my reading for passages about myxedema and acromegaly. If I ever figure it out, I will share some of the better ones.

On second thought, since I do like listing things so damn much, here are the tangents: true false questions are immoral (not unfair, but immoral), the process that produces fossils hasn't been working since The Great Flood (yeah, the biblical one), no one in America is denied health care and making it universal would be a huge mistake, and one tangent concerning neuroscience that made me speak up, argue with him, and e-mail my former lab professor about it.

What else can I list? I have two patients in the hospital, one lost her Medicaid, one is about to lose his Medicaid, and one guy may lose his section viii benefit, all while my supervisor is on vacation. I have two finals, a test, a project, and 6 assignments due in 8 days. I am going scream, go home, imbibe vodka, and pass out.

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Evilducky77 said...

Reading about your life makes my life feel a little less stressful! :(

Camera phone sounds fun though! :)