Sunday, September 23, 2007

Clues that I am from Indiana

Finding a casserole recipe with Campbell's soup as an essential ingredient makes me retardedly happy.

On my property, non-working vehicles outnumber the working ones.

My sex ed class consisted of abstinence propaganda, a video, abstinence propaganda, a pamphlet, abstinence propaganda, and a quiz.

As a small child I practiced counting using cows and railroad cars.

My senior class had a 1:1 ratio of southern drawls and northern accents.

I appreciate a good Jell-o mold, and I consider it part of the fruit group.

If you are from Indiana, the chances are awesome that you will be able to finish these statements as fast as I can: A baloo is a... A younker is a... Alate means to... Sculch is... Wuzzle means to...

Dealing with these humid summers makes me believe I could withstand the fiery inferno of Hell, as long as it is a dry heat.

I bleed creamed corn.


bibliophile81 said...

Okay... I thought I was from Indiana, but it seems I might be mistaken. Of course, I'm a first-generation Hoosier; maybe that makes a differece.

rabidmonkey said...

i think a few of those are a bit rural for me. lot less cows in my neighborhood than yours. i gotta ask though, do they make casseroles that don't feature campbell's soup?

EvilDucky77 said...

Hah, awesome.

mama snee said...


Hell Yeah.

Danger said...

I didn't name it "Clues that WE are from Indiana" for a good reason. This is what happens when I logically title something.

Roxanne said...

Good for people to know.